Big Sam's Funky Nation :
Presiding over his Funky Nation is Big Sam, formerly the
trombonist for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, who blows
the funk out of his trombone and refuses to let the
audience sit still. Between solos and trombone riffs,
Big Sam second-lines (a uniquely New Orleans style of
street-dance) and gets the crowd going both in movement
and in replies to his call-and-response MC-style.
A talented group of jazz-trained musicians makes up the
Funky Nation, bringing with them the improv-style associated
with jazz and the horn-heavy front section that's the hallmark
of big band funk. Theirs, and Big Sam's, exuberant dancing
and playing, afford them a rare opportunity to let loose.
Big Sam's Funky Nation has undeniable personality,
as well as masterful chops.

Big Sam's Funky Nation Website

Upcoming NYC Show:
Friday, April 4th @ Sullivan Hall
w/ Nickodemus & Nappy G (Turntables On The Hudson)
Click Here For Tix & Info or Call (866) 468-7619

1-19-07 @ Lion's Den
3/24/07 @ Crash Mansion